High Performance Electric Fleet Vehicles

Battery Watering

As your batteries are used, the chemical reaction inside causes water to evaporate, and it must be replaced. The manufacturer of your golf cart recommends that your batteries be refilled regularly with distilled water to maintain the correct water level. 

How our Free Battery
Watering Service Works

Just RSVP to one of our community battery watering events. You will receive an email reminder the day of the event. Just drive your golf cart to the event at the scheduled time and we will lovingly fill your batteries with distilled water according to the recommendations from your golf cart manufacturer. 


How often should my batteries be watered?

Water requirements vary with usage, but in generally we recommend watering your batteries once a month. 

Do I have to tip you or something?

No tips are accepted at our free battery watering events. If you think we've helped you out, we would appreciate you spreading the word. 

Why does Electric Fleet do battery watering for me?

Two reasons: Battery watering is a pain to do yourself, and we have special tools that make it much easier. The second reason is that we want to be your first step whenever you need service on your cart or when its time to buy a new one. We like the start the relationship by helping you out. It's just our style.