High Performance Electric Fleet Vehicles

Why Columbia

Columbia is one of a handful of vehicle manufacturers committed to exclusively building Pure Electric vehicles that have the cleanest commercially viable energy source with zero tailpipe emissions.


Steel frames and bodies that utilize thicker gauged steel for longer-life, the most robust drive motor for better operation in hot/harsh environments, the most efficient power control system for more usable range on a charge, and easily programmable performance characteristics so only energy actually needed is expended make Columbia the right choice. 

Smart Power

With over 60 years of practical experience, Columbia power systems are the most intelligent in the industry.

Long Range

Columbia vehicles have all the range you need to get more done with power to spare.

Easy Maintenance

Columbia engineers work hard to make their vehicles easy to service and maintain.

Made In USA

All Columbia vehicles are assembled in Reedsburg Wisconsin by skilled American workers.


Using the highest quality materials available, Columbia’s energy efficient vehicles will serve its customers well for years to come. They believe a product that lasts longer reduces our overall impact on the environment. With this same concern for the environment in mind, Columbia is one of a handful of vehicle manufacturers committed to exclusively building Pure Electric vehicles.

  • Steel frames and bodies that utilize thicker gauged steel (longer-life)
  • The most robust drive motor (better operation in hot/harsh environments)
  • The most efficient power control system (more usable range on a charge)
  • The most efficient charger (less energy used to charge vehicle)
  • Intelligent energy recovery braking (wasted energy recycled to recharge batteries)
Columbia Gem Club Car EZGO Yamaha
Horsepower 17.3 HP 5.0 HP 3.7 HP 3.0 HP 3.5 HP
Passengers 2-26 2-6 2-6 2-10 2-14
Payload 700 - 14,000 lbs 700 - 9,000 lbs 700 - 8,000 lbs 700 -12,000 lbs 700 - 10,000 lbs
Street Legal 4 Models 2 Models 4 Models 3 Models 2 Models
Battery 38 kWH/ 30 mi 24 kWH/ 30 mi 28 kWH/ 30 mi 32 kWH/ 30 mi 30 kWH/ 30 mi
Distance 30 miles 25 miles 18 miles 26 miles 24 miles
Warranty Lifetime 2 years 2 years Lifetime 4 years
Our entire team is driven to understand and satisfy the needs of each customer better than anyone else and provide inspired solutions that move our customers.

Scott Breckley

President, Columbia Parcar
I see a lot of carts working on the Service Team. Columbia's are just good - more robust, powerful, designed to last better than others' on the market.

Mike Harrison

Service Technician, Electric Movement
One of the cool things about working with Columbia is that they are a true partner. We could sell vehicles from any manufacturer, but we work exclusively with Columbia because we have a great relationship that benefits our customers in countless ways. The vehicles aren't just better in design and construction, they come from a manufacturer that cares deeply about solving the real-world problems of our customers.

Daniel Reuter

CEO, Electric Movement